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Architecting IT with ArchitectedERP

The ArchitectedERP framework

A pragmatic build on TOGAF v9, tuned for ERP in the nascent Services Era and complemented with approaches to Business and Organizational Change - that's what ArchitectedERP brings you. It provides answers to questions like How to get from strategic intent to delivered change in daily operations, How to plan for and execute Business and IT Transformation or, How to put Strategy In Action? But there is much more to it.

Architecting and Delivering ERP-enabled Business and IT Transformation in the Services Era, ArchitectedERP in short, is the name of a multi-disciplinary wall-to-wall approach to Business and IT Transformation. It focuses on the integral application of the Services Thinking concept across the Business and IT domains, specifically ERP-rich ones.

ArchitectedERP thus is a modern and services-proof approach to ERP-enabled Business and IT Transformation and can be used as an approach to what is often referred to as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), or Event Driven Architecture (EDA) projects.

Three main stages in ArchitectedERP

ArchitectedERP knows three major stages in getting from strategic intent to effectuated changes in daily operations. Each stage knows its own set of well-defined and well-delineated pieces of work, dubbed Engagement Types. These 28 template workpackages are further elaborated upon in the ArchitectedERP book.

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The three stages are:

  • Enterprise Transformation Planning and Portfolio Management

  • Solution Crafting

  • Solution Delivery and Transition

The scheme below provides a high-level overview of what ArchitectedERP looks like.

Enterprise Transformation Planning and Portfolio Management  - The focus of this first stage is on turning strategic directions into a managed portfolio with change initiatives, or projects. It includes governing the crafting and delivery of the solutions leading to the effectuation of the planned changes.

Solution Crafting - This second stage deals with translating the outlined future state situation into high-level solution design alternatives, while adhering to provided enterprise-level governance mechanisms. The final solution is decided upon and the delivered results run smoothly into Solution Delivery. Looking after the solution being delivered as-designed, a governance activity, is also part of Solution Crafting.

Solution Delivery and Transition - The third stage aims at finalizing the design details of the solution and to develop, test and effectuate the planned changes. In case services are sourced from third parties additional work needs to be done. That is what the focus of Transition is on.

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